KrosStrain/Pint Nine
Saturday, June 11, 4:30-8 pm

A Taste of Naples Pizza

California BBQ Chicken


Start with Alfredo Sauce and a Mozz/Provolone cheese blend, add thinly sliced Red Onion and Yellow Peppers, tender chunks of Chicken and a bit of Blue Cheese.  Finish with Cilantro and a tasty BBQ drizzle for a Southern California inspired pizza. 

Steakhouse Blues


Blue Cheese and tender chunks of Steak take center stage and are complemented by Alfredo sauce, Monterey Jack cheese and some thinly sliced Red Onions for an amazing steakhouse experience.


Italian Sausage kicked up with a bit of cayenne pepper and freshly ground fennel.




America's favorite pizza but ours is Neapolitan style with monster pepperonis!