KrosStrain/Pint Nine
Saturday, April 9, 4:30-8 pm

A Taste of Naples Pizza

South of the Border


This one has a bit of a kick with a spicy Sriracha Mayo sauce, Mozzarella/Provolone Cheese blend, Chorizo Sausage, Sweet Corn, Black Beans, Red Onions and Cilantro.

Tai Chi Ken


A finishing drizzle of Thai Sweet Chili Sauce, Fresh Cilantro and Toasted Sesame Seeds put this pizza over the top!  Creamy Alfredo, Mozzarella/Provolone blend, Tender Chicken, Broccoli, Red Onions and Yellow Peppers round out the symphony of flavors and colors on this pizza. 

Steakhouse Blues


Blue Cheese and tender chunks of Steak take center stage and are complemented by Alfredo sauce, Monterey Jack cheese and some thinly sliced Red Onions for an amazing steakhouse experience.

Just the Basics


Keep life simple, your choice of Pepperoni, Sausage or Cheese.