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A Taste of Naples Pizza was born on the concept of bringing authentic, Neapolitan style pizza to social gatherings.  Whether it's a backyard party, wedding reception, graduation party or birthday event, your guests are sure to be impressed.


We bring our mobile wood-fired pizza oven on site and can easily locate it wherever you wish.  Your guests will be captivated by the rolling fire and amazed when the pizza comes out of the 800F oven in less than 90 seconds.  Then, watch the expression on their faces as they get their first taste of our pizza!!


A Taste of Naples Pizza is not a business that desires to produce the most volume or generate the most revenue.  Instead, our mission is to produce outstanding Neapolitan style pizza.  Intended to evolve into a "semi-retirement" job , a limited number of engagements will be accepted each year in order to ensure that quality remains foremost (plus, I still have a day job ;-) ).   The typical party will be between 30-80 pizzas.   The pizzas are intended to be eaten immediately after baking.  So, if your intent is to feed all of your guests at the same time for a formal, sit-down meal, ours might not be the service for you.  


However, if your party is more interactive and social where the guests would enjoy having their pizza straight from the oven, then A Taste of Naples Pizza will bring an amazing and unique atmosphere. The oven, fire and pizzas often become a featured attraction during a party.  Guests are drawn to the process of stretching the dough, applying toppings and then watching as the pizza transforms during its 90 seconds in the oven.



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