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A great pizza can only happen with a great crust.  With the simplest list of ingredients consisting of flour, water, salt and yeast, the magic for creating a great crust is had in the elements of Time, Temperature and Technique.  At "A Taste of Naples", we utilize the three "T's" in a way that no high-volume restaurant could ever hope to duplicate to bring you a pizza crust that is delicate and tender with a gentle crisp.  These pizza-making techniques were developed long ago by the Piazzolos (pizza makers) in the Naples region of Italy.  Imagine having an authentic Naples style pizza served right in your backyard!

A long, cool ferment over several days allows the yeast to fully develop its flavor and enhance the texture of the dough.  A crust that is made from properly fermented dough will never weigh heavy on the stomach.  For an extra special treat, ask for our sourdough pizza made using a 200 year old sourdough culture from the island of Ischia, just off the coast from Naples.

The technique of shaping the pizza crust also has a great influence on the end product.  Absolutely no mechanical means are used, instead gently stretching by hand.  Our doughs are so soft and extensible that you'll likely never see us tossing one into the air (unless a customer wants a photo op!).  

Of course, even a great crust needs great toppings to complete the story.  We use high-quality meats and freshly shredded cheeses and fresh vegetables to make your pizza.  The sauce is made from canned Roma tomatoes that have been crushed, but never cooked.   


Finally, a wood-fired pizza oven that keeps the temperature north of 800F degrees will bring your pizza straight to your plate in 90 seconds or less.  All that's left is for you and your guests to grab a glass of red wine and enjoy the best Neapolitan pizza around!


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